if in one way or the other you forgot the password to generate a signed apk and update you Android application in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Dont pannick as the methods bellow will solve your problem


open this file from the android studio or any text editor


search for

storePassword or Release or keyPassword

you should find your password after the the searched text.

Screenshot (6).png


do a universal serch on all document in your project using any part of the password you remember


Sometime even when you enter the correct password it still says

Keystore tampered with or password incorrect.

Close the Build/export wizard and start it again with the correct password


use a brute fore java app to try all possible password you can remember

Download the file at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Rw7kNjv3BATldrLXMwcVRud2c/edit?usp=sharing


Screenshot (7)

execute with

java -jar AndroidKeystoreBrute.jar <args>

possible args

-m <1..3> Method -k <path> path to your keystore -d <path> dictionary (for method 2 and 3) -p use common replacements like '@' for 'a'(for method 3) WARNING - very slow!! -start <String> sets the start String for the password (for brute force) -w writes a new keystore with same password than the key -h prints helpscreen

example for brute-force attack

java -jar AndroidKeystoreBrute_v1.05.jar -m 1 -k <...keystore> -start AAAAAA

example for dictionary attack

java -jar AndroidKeystoreBrute_v1.05.jar -m 2 -k "C:\\mykeystore.keystore" -d "wordlist.txt"

example for smart wordlist attack (recommend)

java -jar AndroidKeystoreBrute_v1.05.jar -m 3 -k "C:\\mykeystore.keystore" -d "wordlist.txt"

If there are any spaces in path or filenames, you have to use quotes for the path!!

the cool thing about using bruteforce is that it also print out the alias in case you forget it too.


open this file from the android studio or any text editor


search for


Screenshot (8)

or use the bruteforce method as in method 4

one of the method above will surely work for you else you can state your error in the comment section