It is very interesting to boot your computer and it just welcome you with a custom speech and your name instead of the default welcome speech.

To create your own welcome speech it only requires just four lines of code in a  VBS(Visual Basic Script) file.

First we declare two variables speaks and speech as below

Dim speaks, speech

Then we assign speaks to String , the text in between the quotes is what we hear when we run the script

speaks = “Welcome to mytecharea blogging Computer”

We the set the variable “speech” to object that speaks our text and make it call our speaks

Set speech = CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

speech.Speak speaks

Then we save the file as anyname.vbs. Then try to run it. If it speaks your custom text then the script is okay else confirm your code.

The next step is to move the file to startup folder so whenever the computer boot the vbs script is run and you hear your custom speech . To open startup folder hold WINDOWS KEY + R then type shell:startup in the run box. Press okay your startup folder will pop up. Just simply copy and paste your script in the startup folder. Or use the Easy File Shift app to move file to startup folder. Download EFS @  Watch video that explain better below